Ask the Vet's Pets: Veterinarians can prescribe drugs not approved by FDA for pets
Dear Daisy Dog: My dog Sam developed diarrhea, so I took him to his veterinarian. I was surprised when the vet recommended a drug that wasn't approved for use in pets by the Food and Drug Administration. She said Sam could join a...

Lead in fishing sinkers, shot toxic if ingested
Dear Daisy Dog: Yesterday, my Labrador retriever, Barney, and I were out hiking by the river when he ate a fishing sinker, presumably because it smelled fishy. Do I need to do anything about this?

Daisy responds: Yes. Many...

Pregnant woman should take precautions to avoid toxoplasmosis
Dear Christopher Cat: I am pregnant, and I like to garden. Free-roaming cats defecate in my garden, and I worry that they will give me toxoplasmosis that will hurt my baby. How can I protect myself?


Ask the Vet's Pets: Dogs, cats and ferrets need monthly heartworm preventive
Dear Frank B. Ferret: My ferret, Freddy, accompanies me everywhere, even to my college classes, riding in my backpack. Should he use a heartworm preventive like our dog? I live in Pennsylvania, where we have heartworms.

Ask the Vet's Pets: April Fool's pet myths abound
In honor of April Fools' Day, we are abandoning our usual question-and-answer format to offer you a list of facts, and myths. Can you spot the April Foolish statements mixed in with the truths?

1. Dogs and cats that eat only dry pet...

Ask the Vet's Pets: Automotive antifreeze and brake fluid toxic to pets, wildlife and children
Dear Christopher Cat: I noticed a yellow-green puddle beneath a car on my street, and, concerned that it might be antifreeze that could poison the cats roaming the neighborhood, I hosed it away. Please give me advice in case this...

Ask the Vet's Pets: IBD a common cause of chronic vomiting and diarrhea in cats
Dear Christopher Cat: My veterinarian thinks my cat has IBD.

Is that the same as the IBS I suffer when I'm stressed? My cat has a great life and doesn't seem stressed.

Christopher responds:...

Ask the Vet's Pets: February is pet dental health month
Dear Christopher Cat: While my cat Ivy was drinking, I noticed a pink mass on one side of her tongue. What is it?

Christopher Responds: Only a veterinarian who examines Ivy's mouth can answer your question, so make an appointment...

Ask the Vet's Pets: Show your love by hiding Valentine chocolates from pets
Dear Christopher Cat: I know chocolate is toxic to dogs, but is it also bad for cats?

My husband gives me a big heart-shaped box of chocolates every Valentine's Day, and it sits on the table for a week or so until I finish all...

Ask the Vet's Pets: Keep dogs away from people food during Super Bowl
Dear Daisy Dog: Many of my husband's friends will descend on our house to watch the Super Bowl. We have two Labradors who will think the cheering and food mean it's party time for them.

I'm concerned that while the men focus...

Diet, medicine and other support help old dog with dementia
Dear Daisy Dog: We think Buddy, our 12-year-old beagle, may be senile. He wanders around, stares into space and occasionally doesn't recognize us. Sometimes he even urinates and defecates in the house. He is restless at night and...

Ask the Vet's Pets: There's no home remedy for Cushing's disease
Dear Daisy Dog: Our dog has been drinking and urinating excessively, and she pants a lot. Her veterinarian diagnosed Cushing's disease. Are there any home remedies? What is the lifespan of a dog with Cushing's?

Ask the Vet's Pets: Sterilize cats now to prevent spring litters
Dear Christopher Cat: We have two kittens, a brother and a sister. When should they be "fixed" so they don't breed with each other?

Christopher responds: "Now" is probably the right answer.

Cats are...

Ask the vet's pets: Help frightened dog overcome his insecurities
Dear Daisy Dog: Jack, our 1-year-old shepherd mix, recently started growling at teenage boys, particularly those wearing hoodies. We know he was never mistreated, so we don't understand why he is being aggressive. Telling him no...

Ask the Vet's Pets: Protect pets from holiday hazards your guests bring
Dear Christopher Cat: This is the first Christmas we will entertain our extended family at our home. We have two cats and we want to keep them happy and safe. What do we need to watch for?

Christopher responds: When...

Ask the Vet's Pets: Benign mammary tumors common in pet rats
Dear Reggie Rat: Rascal, my rat, has a large mass on her underside, beneath one of her nipples. Is this cancer? What should I do about it?

Reggie responds: Tumors, particularly involving the mammary glands, are...

Ask the Vet's Pets: Advantages to adopting senior pet
Dear Daisy Dog: I have been asked to adopt a 10-year-old Labradoodle named Barney. I've been told he is healthy and sweet, so I'm sure I'll fall in love with him. However, I'm concerned that I'll be devastated if he lives only a couple...

Ask the Vet's Pets: Arthritis common in cats of all ages
Dear Christopher Cat: Basil, my 7-year-old cat, is stiff and seems to be slowing down. My veterinarian thinks he has arthritis, but since he doesn't limp, I'm not convinced. Can arthritic cats walk without limping?

Ask the Vet's Pets: New blood test detects kidney dysfunction earlier
Dear Daisy Dog: My friend's dog recently died of kidney disease. She said that when blood tests first indicated a problem, her dog had already lost most of his kidney function. Why can't testing detect kidney problems earlier?

Ask the Vet's Pets: Cause of Horner's syndrome often unknown
Dear Daisy Dog: My dog has a droopy eye, and I took him to the veterinarian, who diagnosed Horner's syndrome. What is Horner's? Is it contagious? Will it ever go away?

Daisy responds: Horner's syndrome is not a...