Ask the vet's pets: Pet rabbits unsafe outdoors, should live indoors
Dear Reba Rabbit: My neighbor keeps her children's two pet rabbits in a hutch in the backyard. Is this acceptable, or should they live indoors?

Reba responds: Pet rabbits should live...

Ask the Vet's Pets: Service dogs aid children with autism
Dear Daisy Dog: Our son has autism. We've thought about getting him a dog, but we don't know whether a dog will help him, and we're concerned about the dog's welfare. What are your thoughts?

Daisy responds: Many...

Ask the vet's pets: February is Pet Dental Health Month
Dear Christopher Cat: My cat, Margarita, has tartar and gingivitis, but even her veterinarian agrees that she will never let me brush her teeth. What else can I do?

Christopher responds:
Daily brushing is the...

Ask the vet's pets: Sugar-free gum and candy toxic to pets
Dear Daisy Dog: A friend rushed her dog to the veterinarian after he ate some sugar-free gum. The vet immediately induced vomiting and hospitalized the dog for a few days on IV fluids. Did the vet take advantage of my friend, or did my...

Ask the vet's pets: Use reward to teach dog to walk away from feces
Dear Daisy Dog: My name is Molly, and I am a 3-year-old cocker spaniel. For reasons I don't understand, my human gets very upset when I dine on another dog's pooh. He also says nasty things about that dog's owner for not cleaning up what...

Ask the vet's pets: Catnip safe even for cats with kidney disease
Dear Christopher Cat: Our 12-year-old tuxedo cat, Buster Keaton, has always enjoyed catnip. We recently learned he has chronic kidney disease, and I wonder whether it could have been caused by catnip. If not, is it safe for him to...

Ask the vet's pets: Use pet ear cleaner recommended by veterinarian
Dear Daisy Dog: How do I clean my dogs' ears?

Daisy responds: Start by collecting what you'll need: a doggy ear cleaner recommended by your veterinarian, soft tissues or cotton and lots of yummy dog treats. After...

Ask the Vet's Pets: Laundry detergent pods dangerous for pets

Dear Daisy Dog: Katie, my 6-month-old corgi, chewed but did not swallow a laundry detergent pod. She vomited once, and now she's drooling a lot. Are detergent pods toxic to dogs?


Ask the vet's pets: Choose pet-safe Christmas plants this season
Dear Christopher Cat: I like to decorate for Christmas using fresh plants, such as poinsettias. What Christmas plants are safe for my cats?

Christopher responds: Several are safer than you may think.

Ask the vet's pets: Protect cats during Hanukkah celebrations
Dear Christopher Cat: We recently adopted two cats, so this is the first year we're celebrating Hanukkah with pets in the house. Do we need to take any special precautions?

Christopher responds: If your new cats...

Ask the vet's pets: Take steps to prevent torn cruciate ligament
Dear Daisy Dog: Our older Labrador retriever, Samba, required surgery after she tore the anterior cruciate ligaments (ACLs) in both of her knees. How can we prevent our Lab puppy, Rumba, from tearing his ACLs?


Ask the vet's pets: Take action if kitten is dehydrated
Dear Christopher Cat: I found a baby kitten that weighs less than a pound and has an upper respiratory infection. Despite medication from the veterinarian, she isn't doing well. How do I know if she is dehydrated?

Ask the vet's pets: Canine tail docking banned in some countries
Dear Daisy Dog: Our German shorthaired pointer has a docked tail. While watching a British dog show on television, I noticed that not one show dog had a docked tail. Why?

Daisy responds:
Many countries ban...

Ask the vet's pets: Ebola doesn't sicken dogs
Dear Daisy Dog: What can you tell me about Ebola and dogs? I want to be prepared in case the virus spreads to my area.

Daisy responds: Fortunately, there have been no reports of dogs or cats getting sick from Ebola or...

Ask the vet's pets: Protect pets from Halloween ghosts and goblins
Dear Christopher Cat: Last Halloween, my cat, Tilly, became so upset when I put on cat ears that I had to take them off. When the trick-or-treaters arrived in their costumes and masks, she arched her back, fluffed up her tail, hissed,...

Ask the vet's pets: Electronic cigarettes can cause nicotine poisoning in pets
Dear Daisy Dog: My boyfriend leaves his e-cigarettes lying around on tables and counters. I assume that since they don't contain tobacco, they won't hurt my dog if she chews on them. Is that correct?


Ask the vet's pets: Cats and dogs more resistant to tetanus than people
Dear Christopher Cat: When my cat was injured outdoors, her veterinarian stitched up her skin and boosted her rabies vaccination, in case a rabid animal had inflicted the wound. However, he did not give her a tetanus shot. When I cut...

Ask the vet's pets: Cloudy eyes may signal cataracts or normal aging change
Dear Daisy Dog: My dog Bella has cloudy eyes, and I think she has cataracts. Should I do anything about them?

Daisy responds: Start by taking Bella to her veterinarian, who can determine whether she has cataracts...

Ask the vet's pets: More rabid cats in Pennsylvania than any other state

Dear Christopher Cat: My cats live indoors, so I don't understand why they need to be vaccinated against rabies. Please explain.

Christopher responds: Your indoor cat can contract...

Ask the vet's pets: Feline ear mites highly contagious
Dear Christopher Cat: I think my cat has ear mites. What do they look like? Where do they come from? Can they irritate the outside of the ear?

Christopher responds:
You can't see ear mites, because they are...