Mountain lion suspected of killing koala at L.A. Zoo
LOS ANGELES - In the legal world, it'd be called circumstantial evidence.

On March 3, one of the Los Angeles Zoo's koalas went missing. Down the road from its enclosure, a tuft of its hair was found. About 400 yards farther down,...

Montana will not allow kinkajou as pet
HELENA, Mont. - The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission has denied a request to list the kinkajou (KINK'-uh-joo) as a controlled species in the state.

The decision means the house cat-sized animal cannot be kept as a pet by...

Coyote sightings increase during cold, breeding season
DECATUR, Ala. - Coyote sightings have increased during the breeding season within the state.

Animal control officials say cats are a main food source for the predators, especially at this time of year, the Decatur Daily...

Unlikely animal companions more common on flights
BOSTON - You don't expect to be there when pigs fly.

But after arriving at the gate at Logan Airport on Christmas night, I realized I would experience that idiomatic impossibility firsthand. A miniature potbellied pig with a...

Reserve in Florida provides safe haven for unwanted exotic animals
ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. - Lions, tigers, a bear and now ligers too. Ligers?

Ares and his little brother, Yeti, are the newest residents at St. Augustine Wild Reserve - a nonprofit wildlife sanctuary that also is a rescue center for...

The Bicycling Goat lends ideas at outdoor book exchange
Bibliophiles from Derry and surrounding communities have another convenient, fun and free way to expand their reading lists, thanks in large part to siblings at Grandview Elementary School and their family in Westmoreland County.

Ask The Horse Doctor: How can I protect my horse from falls on the ice?
Dear Dr. Vittoria: My older horse, Jed, fell on ice last year, and he hasn't been the same since. The vet said he tore a ligament when he fell. He is holding his own but I want to warn people about this. He isn't rideable anymore.

Wayne County fox positive for rabies
TEXAS TOWNSHIP. - A gray fox that attacked a person in Texas Township, Wayne County, last week tested positive for rabies, the state Department of Agriculture said.

The attack happened Nov. 24 on the Texas Palmyra Highway, the...

Once-despised prairie dogs now attract crowds to their floor show
LUBBOCK, Texas - A quiet stillness fell over the rugged parkland, and soon the show began.

One by one, furry brown creatures popped up from dirt mounds and surveyed the dusty plain.

Every few minutes, one stood on its...

Fish morsels may be ending rabies in raccoons in Allegheny County
Researchers want to know if fish meal morsels that are irresistible to raccoons - but laced with rabies vaccine - are stopping rabies in Allegheny County, one of the state's hot spots for the fatal virus.

The U.S. Department of...

Ask The Horse Doctor: Our large animal vet offers gift ideas for your large animal friends
By Dr. Christina Vittoria

Horse manages to inhale a mouse
This will not be pleasant reading for horse lovers.

In January 1896, farmer Thomas Folk was returning to his Friedensburg Road farm from a Reading market when his horse began to stagger as it pulled its carriage on Perkiomen...

Deer and elk act as a buffer between wolves and livestock
SALEM, Ore. - They weren't on the agenda when the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission voted Nov. 9 to take wolves off the state's endangered species list, but Oregon's elk and deer population likely will be key factors in wolf...

Ask The Horse Doctor: How to make the difficult choice when a horse nears the end of life
Ask the Horse Doctor By Dr. Christina Vittoria

Oregon wildlife officials won't allow killing of wolves
PENDLETON, Ore. - Wildlife officials won't allow people to kill wolves in eastern Oregon's Mount Emily pack despite five confirmed attacks on a sheep herd this summer.

Jeremy Bingham of Utopia Land and Livestock formally...

Black bear attacked elderly woman inside her Montana home
The Associated Press

KALISPELL, Mont. - Wildlife officials say a black bear that seriously injured an elderly woman attacked her inside her northwestern Montana home.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokesman...

Hoof trimmer travels the countryside keeping cattle on their feet
Jim Taranto travels the countryside as a hoof trimmer to cattle, improving their walking and possibly providing a boost to milk production.

Ask The Horse Doctor: What is foundering and what causes it?
Dear Dr. Vittoria: I have been around horses all of my life. I have heard the word "foundering" mentioned many times. What exactly is it? How does a horse get it? And can it be cured?

- Tina in...

Black bear, cub break into Wyoming house
JACKSON, Wyo. - A west-central Wyoming couple had some unwelcome house guests over the weekend - a black bear and her cub.

Teton County sheriff's deputies responded to a call at about 1 p.m. Sunday. The bears reportedly crashed...

Strange service animals show up in odd places
ORLANDO, Fla. - A woman and a kangaroo wearing a diaper walk into a McDonald's, and the woman says: He's my service kangaroo.

No, it's not the setup for a joke. But it may be a sign of the times.

In a culture that has...