Horse manages to inhale a mouse
This will not be pleasant reading for horse lovers.

In January 1896, farmer Thomas Folk was returning to his Friedensburg Road farm from a Reading market when his horse began to stagger as it pulled its carriage on Perkiomen...

Deer and elk act as a buffer between wolves and livestock
SALEM, Ore. - They weren't on the agenda when the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission voted Nov. 9 to take wolves off the state's endangered species list, but Oregon's elk and deer population likely will be key factors in wolf...

Ask The Horse Doctor: How to make the difficult choice when a horse nears the end of life
Ask the Horse Doctor By Dr. Christina Vittoria

Oregon wildlife officials won't allow killing of wolves
PENDLETON, Ore. - Wildlife officials won't allow people to kill wolves in eastern Oregon's Mount Emily pack despite five confirmed attacks on a sheep herd this summer.

Jeremy Bingham of Utopia Land and Livestock formally...

Black bear attacked elderly woman inside her Montana home
The Associated Press

KALISPELL, Mont. - Wildlife officials say a black bear that seriously injured an elderly woman attacked her inside her northwestern Montana home.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokesman...

Hoof trimmer travels the countryside keeping cattle on their feet
Jim Taranto travels the countryside as a hoof trimmer to cattle, improving their walking and possibly providing a boost to milk production.

Ask The Horse Doctor: What is foundering and what causes it?
Dear Dr. Vittoria: I have been around horses all of my life. I have heard the word "foundering" mentioned many times. What exactly is it? How does a horse get it? And can it be cured?

- Tina in...

Black bear, cub break into Wyoming house
JACKSON, Wyo. - A west-central Wyoming couple had some unwelcome house guests over the weekend - a black bear and her cub.

Teton County sheriff's deputies responded to a call at about 1 p.m. Sunday. The bears reportedly crashed...

Strange service animals show up in odd places
ORLANDO, Fla. - A woman and a kangaroo wearing a diaper walk into a McDonald's, and the woman says: He's my service kangaroo.

No, it's not the setup for a joke. But it may be a sign of the times.

In a culture that has...

Great ferret debate resumes with potential ballot initiative in California
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The great ferret debate is returning to California.

Lovers of the furry creatures have been lobbying for years to legalize ferret ownership in California, but have suffered repeated rejections at the...

Cecil has become a lion martyr
Hundreds of African lions are killed by trophy hunters every year, but only one had a name and a face frequently photographed by tourists in Zimbabwe.

"The death of Cecil has shined a light on the horrendous hobby of wealthy...

Bear trashes retired Pittsburgh teacher?s car during Montana trip
A hungry black bear destroyed a retired Pittsburgh schoolteacher's car but couldn't dampen her sense of humor.

"It's pretty amazing. He tore up the doors, tore the plastic, tore the molding and bent the inside metal. It took a...

A humanitarian approach to animals often lacking
With all the sad animal stories in the news recently, it would not be hard to identify a candidate for the Bad Actor of the Year Award.

We heard about two hunters who felt the need to travel to Africa to shoot lions, not with a camera...

Douglassville woman guilty of 6 animal cruelty charges
Four horses in her care were found dead.

Sheep get their summer buzz cuts at Daniel Boone Homestead in Exeter Township
Reading Eagle

Six sheep said farewell to their heavy coats Sunday during a Children's Day Sheep & Wool Program demonstration at the Daniel Boone Homestead.

"They put up quite a fight, but I think once it was all...

At Pottstown event, goats races aren't only thing on tap
A half-hour before the Bock Fest & Goat Race was set to begin Sunday morning in Pottstown, a string of cars already lined Circle of Progress Drive.

A couple hundred people roamed the field next to the Sly Fox Brewing Co.,...

Penn State researcher explores DNA of Nittany lion
UNIVERSITY PARK - There was a time when Nittany Lions didn't wear helmets and cleats, when they did not do push-ups after a touchdown or crowd-surf through Beaver Stadium.

Once upon a time, the ancestors of Penn State's...

Panther struck by car, killed

NAPLES, Fla. - Another endangered Florida panther has been stuck and killed by a vehicle.

Mark Lotz of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says the remains of the year-old female panther were collected...

COMMENTARY: Want a pet? Stick to cats and dogs
People living near the Everglades in Florida know better than to allow their pets or small children to play unsupervised outdoors near water. A hungry alligator might come along.

But in Pennsylvania? Unconfirmed sightings of...

LA homeowners surprised to find cougar under house
LOS ANGELES - A celebrity mountain lion that lounged under a home for hours and refused to budge for bean bags, tennis balls and prods has wandered out on its own, wildlife officials said Tuesday.

A thorough check turned up no sign...