4 parrots taken from petting zoo at Oley Turnpike Dairy
Darlene Moser has taken care of Mr. Grey since he was a baby parrot.

She's had him for about 20 years. He's named after the type of bird he is, an African Grey.

Mr. Grey was one of the more than 150 animals at Oley Turnpike...

Bill Uhrich: Visit to purple martins colony is always a treat
On Friday, Reading Eagle correspondent Kimberly Marselas wrote a story about 88-year-old Kenny Miller and his Mohrsville purple martin colony that he has maintained for over 40 years.

Kenny has hit the sweet spot for purple...

New Zealander cricket player arrested for DUI blames dead parrot
WELLINGTON, New Zealand - A New Zealand cricket player offered this explanation for another drunken driving offense - he was rushing home to console his girlfriend over a dead parrot.

The lawyer for Doug Bracewell says the...

Parrot love
Many teens take pride in their amazing and special pets, which are usually cats or dogs, but it's hard for me to understand why canines and feline reign supreme in the pet world.

Sure, some pets can do cool tricks, act cute or...

Outside: The way to a hummingbird's heart is through its stomach, in other words, plant what they like
Outside By Mike Slater

Bombay Hook a great place for nature buffs to catch migrating birds
Just two hours from Reading you can experience the wonders of bird migration and wildlife spectating right from the comfort of your vehicle. Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, located near Smyrna, Del., has a 12-mile refuge loop that...

Family believes parrot is recounting man's death
A possible murder witness is talking.

The question is whether anyone should listen.

His name is "Bud," and he's an African gray parrot in Ensley Township, Michigan, with a filthy mouth, according to NBC affiliate...

Bird watching is an increasingly popular hobby
Observing our feathered friends is an increasingly popular hobby.

Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area may close
The Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, a popular destination for hunters, hikers and birdwatchers, is being considered for closure because of dwindling state funding, Pennsylvania Game Commission officials said Thursday.

Beloved macaw gets obituary and burial service
WILKES-BARRE - We are gathered here today to remember all dearly departed pets.

We are especially here to remember Sambo "Sam" Arnold, the deceased macaw of Donna Arnold, of Nanticoke.

This is not to make light of the...

Give vultures a little love, conservationists say
MAGADI, Kenya - These are tough times for African vultures.

Already perceived as ugly and saddled with being a symbol of death and decay in many cultures, their numbers are dropping because of poaching, poisonings and...

Falconers and their birds find good hunting in Kansas
RENO COUNTY, Kan. - Last week about 250 people from as far as Australia gathered in Hutchinson to celebrate a sport many centuries old.

"Falconry has been around at least 4,000 years," said Sheldon Nicolle, North American...

Outside: Bird watching with a camera has advantages over the binocular
Outside By Mike Slater

Idaho woman sentenced to community service for killing falcon
COUER D'ALENE, Idaho - A northern Idaho woman who was found guilty in connection to the death of a hunter's falcon has been sentenced to community service.

Kootenai County District Court Judge James Stow on Monday ordered...

Florida teen accused of hitting mom, animal abuse
LAUREL HILL, Fla. - Sheriff's deputy says a 14-year-old Florida Panhandle boy punched his mother during an argument over animal abuse.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office says the teen now faces multiple charges of battery...

W.Va. volunteer helps protect macaws
CHARLESTON, W.Va. - For the last month, Jennifer Miller has woken up at 5:30 a.m. to the sounds of howler monkeys and macaws outside of her jungle campsite in the Islita Peninsula of Costa Rica.

Miller, a lifelong animal advocate...

Carpet cleaning powder blamed for pet deaths in Washington
LAKEWOOD, Wash. - Investigators say a carpet-cleaning powder is to blame for the deaths of two pets in Lakewood.

The News Tribune of Tacoma reports that the cat and bird were...

Sisters are among Indiana?s youngest falconers
BROWNSBURG, Ind. - The hawk sat high in the tree, still and watchful.

Below, three girls, a mother and a father slowly walked through a vacant lot tucked between homes, strip malls and apartments.

In a rough line, the...

Cockfighting ring shut down in Bernville area
A cockfighting ring in the Bernville area was shut down Thursday after the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals received a tip about the brutal animal fights, officials with the organization said.

Oregon girl wins worldwide support for keeping pet rooster
DUFUR, Ore. - People from all over the world are supporting a 5-year-old girl who is trying to hang on to her pet rooster in the Columbia River Gorge town of Dufur where the mayor says it has to go because of a noise complaint.