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Thread: Death of a pet
Susan Miers Smith
05-8-2009 11:26 AM
Death of a pet
If you have recently lost a pet, please share how you haved grieved.

05-26-2009 10:24 AM
RE: Death of a pet
I lost Emma, my french bulldog in Oct of last year. I still haven't gotten over losing her. She was only 4 years old and I took her to the vet to have her spayed and she died. I will never forget that phone call. Emma was one of a kind, she was very friendly and loved everyone. I feel like it was my fault because I took her there.
10-8-2009 11:32 AM
RE: Death of a pet
Although this post does not apply to my own 2 sweet shelties, I recently witnessed an event that will probably affect me for a long time to come. I was on my way to a Dr. appt. in West Reading, traveling on Buttownwood St. Right before the bridge, a little scruffy dog ran into the street behind my car, and got hit hard by the car behind me! I could hear the thumps as it was hit, & will never forget the scream of that poor little dog as it was thrown out from under the wheels! To make a bad situation worse, the girl slowed down briefly, but then continued on her way as if nothing had happened! She never even stopped to see if she could help, or if the little dog was even alive! I wanted so badly to stop, but she was alreadly so close on my bumper, I would have been hit from behind, & there was no place for me to pull over! After my appt., I went back to the place where the little dog was hit, & tried to find the little dog, but it was gone. So I went to the Humane Society, hoping some kind soul had brought it in for treatment, but again, no such luck! I know this wasn't my pet, but I am feeling the same grief that I would if it were one of my own. I can't understand how anyone could so callously run down an animal, & then simply drive off to let it fend for itself, most likely die to from its injuries! I sincerely hope this girl has no pets of her own, if this is how she treats animals! Or should I say abuses animals? When I came home, I hugged my 2 babies extra tight, took them for a walk, and then put them on their secure tie-outs for a nice rest, & some fresh air! No chance of my babies getting hit by a car, as this incident is firmly ingrained on my heart!
12-7-2009 03:20 PM
RE: Death of a pet
My 13 year old cat had a heart murmur and last September she died. She slept in my arm every night and always wanted to be with me and sit on my lap. For a week I cried every morning waking up without her; when I came home from work and went to bed. I always knew I would not live without pets, so a week later I found two eight week old kittens. I still miss my cat, and I know immediate "replacement" isn't the right thing for everyone, but for me the two kittens really helped me. I knew my beloved wasn't coming back, so crying and mourning everyday just wasn't something I wanted to do or could bare. My home was so empty and it needed another soul or souls. I absolutely love these two "boys" and still have pictures of my first sweetie on my desk and at home. Although the boys will never be "her", they have filled my heart with love again.
Ann Angstadt
01-5-2010 05:39 PM
RE: Death of a pet
We recently lost 2 of our beloved dogs within 46 days of each other. Greta, our cockapoo, and Jazzy, our eskipoo were both 15 years old. These 2 dogs did absolutely everything together since they were weeks old, when you saw 1 of them, the other was right behind. Toward the end they were both going blind and deaf. We knew once one of them was not here anymore it wouldn't be long for the other to follow. We had to make the decision suddenly to send Greta to the bridge on August 20, 2009. Jazzy was heartbroken without her best friend. Her health deteriorated quickly, so on October 5th, we decided to let her go to be with Greta. Although it was extremely hard to let them go we are comforted by the fact that our girls are together again.
01-9-2010 06:15 AM
RE: Death of a pet
i lost my baby jan,1 2010 she got out after the door was left open and got hit by a car i have her brother who was with her at the time it happened and he also misses her dearly but he has also helped me greatly im glad i have him to help me