I was heartbroken when I read that the Animal Rescue League of Berks County had euthanized another pet without giving it a chance ("Couple find missing cat dead at ARL," Reading Eagle, Nov. 15).

Do the people who work or volunteer there get any training or have any experience with animals? Cats have a very sensitive sense of smell, and getting taken into a strange place with so many other animals, they must go crazy. The animals must be frightened out of their minds. Years ago a stray mother cat was taken into the shelter. The person went to the car to get the kitten and when she got back in, the mother had been euthanized already. A mother is going to go berserk trying to protect her babies.

ARL was supposed to change its ways on handling animals back then. What happened? My one cat doesn't like me for two or three days after she's been to the vet's office, and that's a controlled situation. ARL, please change your ways.

Donna Mitchell