The Trump administration has a secret weapon: The "bunny of the United States."

Affectionately called the BOTUS, Marlon Bundo is a pet rabbit of the family of Vice President Michael Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence - and was reportedly the first bunny to ride in Air Force Two, the vice president's official airplane.

The name was decided by Charlotte Pence - one of the couple's three children - and her college roommate, according to Kara D. Brooks, communications director for the Office of the Second Lady.

Charlotte studied film at DePaul University in Chicago.

"She was making a film and needed a rabbit. She found Marlon," Brooks said.

Charlotte and her roommate spoofed his name after Marlon Brando, since the bunny "was now a movie star," she added.

Since his famous bun dad became vice president, the BOTUS is now a fixture at the official vice president's home on the grounds at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C.

Usually, Marlon "runs around the living room of the vice president's residence all day and sleeps in his cage at night," Brooks said. "He is friends with their two cats, Oreo and Pickle."

Marlon actually thinks he's one of the cats, she added, "and enjoys jumping in the cat's bed."

Typical of happy rabbits, Marlon does a bonding dance with Mr. and Mrs. Pence in the morning.

"He runs in circles around (their) feet. He is so happy when he wakes up in the morning," Brooks explained. "He's very tame and friendly. Marlon loves to be held and petted."

Before becoming the BOTUS, Marlon was a member of the Pence family for four years, she added.

It's uncertain what type of rabbit he is, Brooks said, except that "He's a cute rabbit!"

Marlon has moved to greater heights since his acting days.

Articles have been written about the happy lagomorph across the world - and a fan even made an unofficial Twitter account for him.

The Pences' official Instagram account for Marlon is called "Marlon Bundo (Pence)" which has nearly 13,3000 followers.