Cumru Township, PA -  
The Animal Rescue League will host a live broadcast, "Caturday Night Live," on Saturday from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

Y102 DJ Leah Tyler and ARL Executive Director Liz McCauley will host an evening of cat education and entertaining skits "Saturday Night Live style," with appearances by the ARL adoptable cats and kittens.

Other guests include Harry Brown, Berks County Humane Officer, a local veterinarian and the ARL's Cat Crusaders, one of the newest volunteer groups at the Animal Rescue League, 58 Kennel Road, Cumru Township.

" 'Caturday Night Live' will be an entertaining way to reach out and educate the public about all cats," McCauley said. "We will be talking about basic veterinary cat care; Trap, Neuter and Release (TNR) programs that are available in the county; and all of the programs that are available at the Animal Rescue League, while having a little fun."

'Caturday Night Live' will be the first live broadcast for the Animal Rescue League. In addition to providing education to the public, the ARL will be drawing attention to the more than 400 cats under its care. Approximately 100 kittens are in foster care, and 300 cats and kittens reside at the ARL. The ARL will have extended hours during the broadcast, from 4 to 8 p.m. for cat and kitten adoptions only.

Adoption applications are available on the ARL's website,, and at the Animal Rescue League. The application must be approved by the Animal Rescue League before adopting a cat or kitten. The adoption fee for cats 6 months and older is $5, and for kittens it's $25.