RENO, Nev. - Six puppies abandoned in a Lake Tahoe trash bin have found permanent homes in the Reno-Tahoe area.

The dogs were adopted after being featured at a community reception a week ago, said Becky Goodman, executive director of the Pet Network Humane Society in Incline Village.

She told the Tahoe Daily Tribune that her organization received as many as 75 adoption applications from across the country for the animals, but sought to place them in local homes.

"It's an amazing level of satisfaction to see them go from extremely sick, tiny creatures to healthy, happy animals that the whole community is interested in providing a forever home," she said.

Volunteers nursed the pups - a Doberman-border collie mix - back to health after they were discovered July 23 in a box in a South Lake Tahoe, Calif., trash bin only hours after they were born.

Four other puppies in the litter were not so lucky and died a couple days after the person who found them took the animals to the Incline Village organization.

Group leaders have filed reports about the case with law enforcement authorities on Tahoe's south shore, but they acknowledge it's unlikely the person or persons who dumped the puppies will be caught. Under California law, they would face felony charges, according to Goodman.

The puppies should have instead been taken to a veterinarian's office or animal shelter, preferably with their mother to improve their chances of survival, she added.

The survivors are expected to grow to be mid-sized dogs, hovering around 60 pounds. They currently weigh about 20 pounds.

"The dogs are just so loving," Donovan Anthony of Incline Village told the Tribune. "They just go up to everyone, greeting everyone."


Information from: Tahoe Daily Tribune,