A Robeson Township woman was confronted by her eight pet llamas after her two dogs attacked her pet goat, Stella, on Saturday morning, township police said.

Police said two dogs attacked the goat at the large rural property in the 800 block of Green Hills Road around noon. And when Kimberly Stoudt went to help the goat, her llamas broke through a temporary fence, ran across the pasture and tried to intervene, police added.

Stoudt, who is in her late 50s and has owned the llamas for a decade, said she was not really attacked by the llamas. She said they were only trying to help protect the goat like she was and she ended up being surrounded and yelling for help.

A few neighbors heard her screaming and when they arrived, the llamas got spooked and ran away, police said.

"I guess the llamas like the goat," Officer Brad Brenner said. "This is the first time I've heard of something like this."

Stoudt said she was not hurt and she took the injured goat to be treated by a veterinarian. She said the goat should make a full recovery.

"They're well trained and wouldn't hurt anyone," she said of the llamas. "But they guard things and were trying to protect the goat when I got stuck in the middle.

"It was my fault that they got out," she added. "I just had up a temporary fence and they all just pushed through it and followed Abe (the first llama to come to the aid of the goat)."

Stoudt said she does not want llamas to get a bad name because they are great pets and guard livestock. But Saturday night she said she was just going to take a Tylenol and get to bed early.

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