HARRISBURG, Pa., June 27, 2011 - Pennsylvania's children are invited to help name the two new puppies that will soon arrive at the governor's residence in Harrisburg. The

Airedale terrier puppies are brother and sister and should arrive at their new home in late July.

"Everyone at the residence is anxiously waiting for the puppies to arrive," said First Lady Susan Corbett. "Tom and I love Airedales; they are very friendly with lots of energy. They'll make the governor's residence a very lively place."

The naming contest is open to Pennsylvania children ages 12 and under.

Children can submit one name for each puppy, and the governor and first lady will choose the winning names.

"Susan and I felt it would be nice to let Pennsylvania's children pick the names," said Gov. Corbett. "We are really looking forward to seeing the suggestions."

Suggestions can be submitted online at www.pa.gov/FirstPets.

Letters can also be sent to:

Governor's Residence C/O Puppy Naming Contest, 2035 N. Front St.,

Harrisburg, PA 17102

All suggestions must be received by July 25. The winning names will be revealed shortly after the puppies arrive at their new home.

The Corbetts have owned several Airedales in the past, including Fergie, Maggie and Daisy. Airedales are known as the "king of terriers." They are the largest of the terrier breed and are thought to have originated in the valley of Aire in England.