Berks County, PA -  List received Jan. 29, 2009
Vet Hospital and Emergency Care Needs
Automated IV pumps
Anesthesia machines 
Pulsox monitors
Walk on scale
Surgery tables
Wet prep tables
IV poles
Mayo instrument stands (3)
Instrument trays
Surgical laser
Surgical instruments (general surgery packs, any forceps)
Heating pads for surgery table
Warming air blankets- recovery after surgery
Dental equipment
Are you a physician, dentist or veterinarian and are purchasing or have recently purchased new medical equipment and are looking for a good home for your prior equipment?  The HSBC can make good use of your older, excellent condition medical equipment to help animals in need.  Plus, you may qualify for a hefty tax deduction.
Animal Care Services and Program Needs
Cat Litter(!!!)
Stainless Steel Water and Food Bowls
Sanitizable Pet Toys (Kong, Nylabone, etc)
Cleaning Supplies (Buckets, Scrub Brushes, Brooms, Commercial Mops, Windex)
Laundry Supplies (Laundry Detergent, Bleach)
Wash Cloths, Towels, and Blankets
Industrial/Commercial Washers and Dryers
Havahart Traps
General Administration and Facility Needs
Filing cabinets
Vacuum cleaner (new)
Dust buster (new)
Copy Paper and General Office Supplies (Pens, File Folders, Clear Sheet Protectors, Tape, Staplers, Scissors, Post-It Notes, Paper Clips)
Postage stamps
Heavy Duty Extension Cords (25 Ft.+) and Power Strips
Printing Services
Gift Cards for WalMart, Target, Staples, Office Max, etc.